Promoting Public Service



Americans often have a cynical view of their government, more specifically, the Congress.  FMC is dedicated to combating that belief by promoting improved understanding of the role of Congress and the importance of public service as a calling.  Former Members of Congress are uniquely qualified to educate about the value of public service and can offer expertise and experience to help bring about positive change.

Congress to Campus

Via the Congress To Campus Program, former Members interact with college students throughout the United States to educate them about the U.S. legislative branch.

Civics Connection

The Civics Connection involves a series web casts featuring former Members of Congress as instructors with the goal of aiding high school teachers in civics education.


FMC has pooled the expertise of its membership to create several publications which give an insider’s view of the Congress and the life of a politician


Congress to Community

Former Members who are visiting a college campus often also speak to the local community about the legislative branch and the value of being involved with public service.