The Association started as a conduit to keep former Members in touch with each other and create social activities. In the past few years, it has evovled into a substantive and productive means of engaging its membership in democracy building and legislative strengthening missions worldwide."

Vice President Walter Mondale, Former U.S. Vice President, Senate (D-MN), 1964-1976

What We Do

The United States Association of Former Members of Congress utilizes the unique skill sets of its 600 members to provide pro bono public service programs and initiatives both at home and abroad. Using the expertise of its membership, FMC has created programs to educate about the role of Congress, assist Congress in its international relations, and support emerging democracies abroad, all while providing opportunities for members to stay connected with their colleagues.

Promoting Public Service

FMC oversees numerous domestic programs aimed at educating the public on the vital role of the legislative branch  as well as the importance of public service as a calling.

Strengthening Representative Democracy

FMC conducts numerous initiatives focusing on both former and current Members of Congress to help in international democracy building and strengthening as well as creating dialogue between U.S. legislators and their peers in other countries.

Keeping Members Connected

In addition to significant domestic and international programming, FMC offers its members opportunities to stay connected with their colleagues following their service on Capitol Hill.