Programs for Middle and High School Students


FMC works with Envision to have bipartisan pairs of former Members speak to audience of several hundred middle school students on the House floor.







People to People Ambassador Programs

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FMC is proud to partner with People to People Ambassador Programs to help connect former Members of Congress with America’s next generation of leaders.

People to People helps shape youth in grades 5-12 into the next leaders of America.  Through its promotion of leadership and character, the program helps create a better tomorrow for America.

As People to People aims to engage America’s youth, former Members are able to assist by holding discussions with students about their own leadership roles in our nation’s Congress, as well as the broader theme of what constitutes great leadership. The Members personal stories serve as inspiration for our future leaders. Members discuss what led them to seek a leadership role, their influences and motivation. They also discuss personal triumphs and setbacks and how they got through them to become a more successful leader. Students are also able to relate to Member’s stories on how their own secondary school experiences helped shape them into the person they are today.



Congressional Youth Leadership Council

FMC is proud to partner with the Youth Leadership Council, and their National Young Leaders Conferences, to work  with America’s next generation of leaders. The Congressional Youth Leadership Council brings high school students to Washington to learn first hand how our government works.  During the program the students will have an opportunity to hears former Members share their personal stories and experiences.