Upcoming Congress to Campus Visits

To learn more about the Congress to Campus program, please click here.

Former Members who would like to participate please contact Sharon Witiw at switiw@usafmc.org

We are still  accepting applications

for the upcoming 2016 Fall Semester


Johns Hopkins University
(Baltimore, MD)
September 13-15th

Park University
(Parkville, MO)
September 13-15, 2016
David Minge (D-MN, 1993-2001)

Alcorn State University
(Alcorn, MS)
September 13-15, 2016
Les AuCoin (D-OR, 1975-1993)
Claudine Schneider ( R-RI, 1981-1991)

Iowa State University
(Ames, Iowa)
September 20-22, 2016
Ed Mevzinsky (D-IA, 1973-1977)

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
(Indianapolis, IN)
September 25-27, 2016
Bill Enyart (D-IL, 2013- 2015)
Ron Sarasin (R-CT, 1973-1979)

Wilkes University
(Wilkes Barre, PA)
September 25-27, 2016
Dan Miller (R-FL, 1993-2003)

Penn State Erie
(Erie, PA)
September 25-27, 2016
Lincoln Davis (D-TN, 2003-2011)

Southwestern Oklahoma State University
(Weatherford, Oklahoma)
September 28-30, 2016
Glenn English (D-OK, 1975-1995)
Mickey Edwards (R-OK, 1977-1993)

Central Michigan University
(Mt. Pleasant, MI)
October 2-4, 2016
James Dickey (R-AR, 1993-2001)

University of Maine
(Orono, ME)
October 3-5, 2016
Connie Morella (R-MD, 1987-2003)
Mike Ross (D-AR,2001-2013)

Arizona State University
(Tempe, AZ)
October, 2016
Jason Altmire (D-PA, 2007-2013)
Barry Goldwater, Jr. (R-CA, 1969-1983)

Muhlenberg College
(Allentown, PA)
October 16 – 18, 2016
Jim Coyne (R-PA,1981-1983)
Jim Hoeffel (D-PA, 1999-2005)

Bradley University
(Peoria, IL)
October 16-18, 2016
Gil Gutknecht (R-MN, 1995-2007)

Lake Forest College
(Lake Forest, Illinois)
October 23-25, 2016
Tom Petri ( R-WI, 1979-2015)

US Naval Academy
(Annapolis, MD)
October 23-25, 2016

Vermont State Colleges
Dates TBD

University of Arkansas, Clinton School of Public Service
(Little Rock, AR)
Dates: TBD


International Congress to Campus Visits:

Canada, (dates to be confirmed)
September 25-October 5, 2016
Steve Kuykendall, (R-CA, 1999-2001)
Martin Lancaster (D-NC, 1987-1995)

Spain (dates to be confirmed)
October 23th- 29th, 2016
Brian Baird (D-WA, 1999-2011)
Dan Miller (R-FL, 1993-2003)

United Kingdom
November 26-December 3, 2016
Phil Gingrey (R-GA, 2003-2015)
Martin Frost (D-TX, 1979-2005)