The Congress to Campus Experience

Some past reflections from participants on the program:

“The Congress to Campus visit was outstanding.  Congressmen Browder and Kuykendall  provided tremendous insight into the lives and roles of elected officials.  It was one of the best academic opportunities I have had as an undergraduate.” –Cadet First Class (C1C) David Nugent

“The Congress to Campus visit was a TREMENDOUS SUCCESS! Of all of the events I have done for students over the years this is, by far, THE BEST!” – Sean Q Kelly, Associate Professor of Political Science, California State University Channel Islands

“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for the sake of our students.  Mr. Romero and Mr. Goodling did a super job discussing the issues surrounding government.” – John R. Erisman, Social Studies Teacher, Penn Manor High School

“I must confess that, as I was unfamiliar with the Congress-to-Campus program, I was initially concerned about how to integrate the session with the course’s early American Studies content. I am so pleased that I did, as today was unquestionably one of the most important experiences the student will have in the classroom — mine or others’ — this year.  I held office hours after today’s class and several of the students expressed great appreciation for the generosity and candidness with which the former Members entertained their questions.” – Jeannine DeLombard, Acting Director, Centre for the Study of the United States, Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto

” Overall, a very successful and worthwhile program that we anticipate doing again!” – Lori Leaman, Executive Assistant and Events Coordinator, Civic and Community Engagement and Research Project, Millersville University

“We met with a number of Political Science majors who were downright relieved to learn that in our experience, people actually in politics didn’t behave and think in the ways described in some of the models they’d studied. That was fun.” – Hon. Samuel G. Coppersmith (D-AZ, 1993-95), Washington University at St. Louis

“Congressman Goldwater:

The students at Rhode Island College found you both informative and charming.  Charon Rose hasn’t stopped telling her classmates how much she enjoyed the interaction with you.  Not a bad accomplishment considering before the event she said she didn’t think she would enjoy listening to a conservative politician.  She immediately  began reading your book that Tuesday.

We’ll be sending a more appropriate thank you soon, but I would like to again state how much we enjoyed having you and Congresswoman Byron on our campus.  Your openness and humor was a major reason why we felt the event was a glowing success.  My guess is that the word “politics” will never have the same meaning for all those that heard your definition.”

-Kay Israel, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Communication, Rhode Island College