Congress to Campus: Webinar Program

The Congress to Campus: Webinar Program was piloted in fall of 2014 and proved very successful.   Through a partnership with iCohere, a company which provides alternative educational experiences with technology, the piloted Congress to Campus: Webinar was provided free to its audience. The webinar program, adapted our flagship Congress to Campus Program, into a more affordable, manageable internet broadcasting format.

We are looking for partners to help support the continuation of the Congress to Campus: Webinar program.

2014 Fall programing included:
•Comprehensive discussion focused on the United States economy and our national debt.
Panel included: Phil English (R-PA, 1995-2009); Barbara Kennelly (D-CT, 1981-1999); Bob Walker (R-PA, 1977-1997 ) John LaFalce (D-NY, 1975-2003)
•Comprehensive discussion focused on global challenges and security issues
Panel included: Jim Kolbe (R-AZ, 1985-2007); Robert Carr (D-MI, 1975-1981; 1983-1995); C. Thomas McMillen (D-MD, 1987-1993) To watch the webinar please click this link: Congress to Campus Webinar: Global Issues
Comprehensive discussion focused on the November Mid-Term elections that will have taken place
Panel included: Martin Lancaster (D-NC, 1987-1995); Jim Coyner (R-PA, 1981-1983); Jim Slattery (D-KS, 1983-1995). To watch the webinar please click this link:Congress to Campus Webinar: Results of the 2014 midterm elections

•Connects young voters-who have a keen interest in the challenges facing our nation and the political process-with those who have been part of the process.
•A pool of hundreds of former Members who participate in the Congress to Campus Program.
•Join thousands of college students allover the country for this exciting experience.
•Encourages, re-engages and empowers young voters.
•Increases civic literacy and participation.
•Powerful force in promoting bipartisanship and civility.
•Involves students in bipartisan discussions about the issues of the day.
•Inspires participation in public service.
•Provides inspiration for greater democratic participation.
•Re-engages citizens in their government.
•Demonstrates that political dissent is inevitable and important and is healthy and productive.
•Students have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the topics before the seminar dates.
•Students will have the opportunity to comment on the seminar discussions in real time via the host computer
•Students learn directly from their interaction with former lawmakers.

U.S. Former Members of Congress
1401 K Street, Suite 503
Washington DC, 20005
T: 202.222.0972 | F: 202.222.0977|

Please contact Sharon at with questions or interest in supporting the program.

To view the application, please click here.