Network of Overseas Former Legislators

FMC connects its members to peers in like-minded organizations via a network of overseas former legislators associations.  Currently, almost 40 former legislators associations are part of the network and FMC continuously updates its database of sister organizations across the globe.

The individual former legislators can benefit from a member-to-member dialogue about issues ranging from the environment to global terrorism.  Also, like-minded organizations share “lessons-learned” and best practices about individual projects which could be replicated in other countries.

In addition, this network has led to collaborative efforts, most notably the International Election Monitors Institute, which combines the efforts of the U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress, the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians, and the Association of Former Members of the European Parliament.  There also is an active exchange of delegations, for example when in 2008 a delegation of Irish former parliamentarians visited Washington after a former Member of Congress delegation had travelled to Dublin the year before.