Middle East and North Africa Fellows Program

In the spring of 2009, FMC began a partnership with Legacy International, a Virginia-based NGO with 30 years of experience in citizen exchange programs, for the Middle East Legislative Fellows Program  and the North Africa Legislative Fellows Program (LFP). Initiated by the Department of State and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the LFP hosts young professionals from Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lybia and Oman for a month long fellowship in a Congressional Office or prominent NGO in Washington, D.C.

The LFP is designed to promote a positive relationship between the United States and the Gulf States, which, in light of the Arab Spring, is now more vital than ever. The Fellows–candidates with strong leadership skills who represent the top talent in their fields–have the opportunity to gain practical experience and direct interaction with the U.S. government and its officials. This is an invaluable opportunity, as many of the fellows are responsible for drafting policy in their respective countries.

Legacy International Documentry

FMC connects the Fellows with former Members, whom they meet with several times over the course of their stay. The former Members mentor the visiting Fellows through one-on-one meetings, roundtable discussions, and by attending Program discussions and events. The former Member mentor program provides a unique experience to the Fellows, as well as their mentors: while the Fellows learn more about the Congressional system and American politics, former Members learn about the culture and politics of the Middle East.

In an exciting extension to the LFP, at the conclusion of each Program, a team of former Members complete the exchange by leading a delegation to the Middle East or North Afric to conduct workshops and gain first hand experience of the region. The goal of this program is to seek a better understanding between cultures and establish an avenue of dialogue between nations. LFP is an unprecedented opportunity to augment a constructive political and cultural discourse between the U.S. and the Middle East/ North Africa. For more information or for former Member participation please contact Sharon Witiw at switiw@usafmc.org or 202-507-4847.

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