When I joined the US Association of Former Members of Congress in 1973, few imagined how much the Association would expand and evolve. No one could have conceived during the Cold War, for instance, that the Association would one day send its members to observe elections in a free Ukraine. The Association's commitment to the historic advance of freedom abroad and to educating young people at home are demonstrations of how the Association ensure that public service can continue well after its members leave Congress."

The Hon. Donald Rumsfeld, Former US Secretary of Defense, House of Representatives (R-IL), 1963-1969

International Programs

FMC places great emphasis on international endeavors.  Programs such as the Global Democracy Initiative capitalize on the unique experience and skill set of former legislators in democracy-building and parliamentary-strengthening missions.  Other projects, for example The Congressional Study Groups, aim to create peer-to-peer dialogue involving current Members of Congress and their colleagues in other legislatures.

The Congressional Study Groups

The Congressional Study Groups on Germany, Turkey, Japan & Europe involve current Members of Congress in an ongoing dialogue with elected representatives in governments abroad.

The Diplomatic Advisory Council

The Diplomatic Advisory Council (DAC) is our outreach to the diplomatic community in Washington, D.C. The DAC consists of key ambassadors, who participate in our programming and serve as a direct link to our partners abroad.

Democracy Building and Legislative Strengthening

FMC also offers its members opportunities to use their unique skills and experiences to assist emerging democracies around the world via several legislative-strengthening and democracy-building initiatives.

Congress to Campus International

In addition to significant domestic programming, Congress to Campus also offers its members opportunities to participate in visits to university campuses around the globe.