Current Members of Congress

Congressional Study Groups

The Congressional Study Groups are designed for current Members of Congress to engage in an ongoing dialogue with elected representatives in governments abroad.  Through its bipartisan international network, the Study Groups also create opportunities to examine major challenges and issues affecting our world.

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Host a Congress to Campus Visit in your District
The Congress to Campus Program brings a bipartisan team of former Members of Congress to schools in your district to teach students about the challenges of working in Congress and to promote public service. Visits engage students to think about the institution of Congress and puts a face on public service. Bringing a visit to your district is as easy as putting us in touch with the appropriate people at universities.
Life After Congress

Following each congressional election, FMC organizes a “Life After Congress” seminar during which former Members of Congress share insights with retiring Members about their transition off Capitol Hill and opportunities available to them.  Congressional support personnel also participate to detail the services available to former Members of Congress.