FMC News Bureau

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We are fortunate to have almost 600 Former Members of Congress as part of our Association, many of whom are active participants in our external communications activities. As we continue to grow and achieve greater media visibility and interest, we decided to create our internal FMC News Bureau.

The goal of the News Bureau is to formalize a way for you to communicate your story ideas, as well as tell us about the newsworthy activities in which you are involved. These could include: charity events; non-profit support; thoughts about your direct experience in FMC programs; promotions or new business ventures; and any other ideas that we might use in our on-going media outreach efforts. The goal of our media outreach is to tell your post-Congress story, show how our Members continue their public service via our programs or other endeavors for a good cause, and – of course – promote our Association as an active and substantive NGO.

Once we receive your idea, our Executive Committee will evaluate its potential for use in a series of FMC communications vehicles such as news releases, pitch letters, op-ed columns, newsletter stories, social media, and FMC events and programs, among others. Not only will we be able to use your idea in the Washington D.C. media market, we will also tailor the communication to your former district as well as where you are living now.

You may also want to become part of our FMC Spokesperson Program, where we identify former Members who might want to do interviews with the media on a variety of timely subject matters. Members who want to participate are welcome, and we will occasionally offer media training to program participants (with a particular focus on new media such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging), as well as access to our staff for media messaging support and counsel.

If you are interested in taking part in the FMC News Bureau, please complete an online form by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing your ideas, and look forward to our continued presence among the media as a valued on-the-record resource.