February 14th, 2015

CSGJ: Feb. 14-21, 2015 – 2nd Annual Congressional Member Study Tour to Japan

For information about the Inaugural Congressional Member Study Tour to Japan, please click here.  More pictures from the February 2015 trip can be found on our Flickr page.

In 1983, The Congressional Study Group on Japan held the first Congress-Bundestag Seminar in Germany. Since then, this model has been expanded to include seminars for Members of Congress and their peers in parliaments abroad in Turkey. In 2014, we were thrilled to host our first-ever Congressional Member delegation to Japan with the support of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

Building on this momentum, The Congressional Study Group on Japan organized its 2nd Annual Congressional Member Study Tour to Japan from February 14-21, 2015. With participation from 10 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, this bipartisan delegation visited Tokyo and Hiroshima, where participants had the opportunity to meet with high-level representatives from the Japanese government, legislature, business community, and other experts such as academics and journalists. Similar to our other parliamentary exchanges, at the core of this program is an opportunity for Members of the U.S. Congress to meet and build lasting relationships with Members of the Japanese Diet based on engaging and substantive dialogue about issues of mutual importance.

Discussions focused on three areas:

  • Security (Korean Peninsula, U.S. troop presence, ongoing territorial disputes, cyber)
  • Energy in a post-Fukushima world (LNG/fracking, the future of nuclear, alternatives)
  • Trade and the Economy (Abenomics, TPP, China, bilateral FDI)

Sabine Schleidt, Managing Director