December 18th, 2013

30th Anniversary Booklet of The Congressional Study Group on Germany

The Congressional Study Group on Germany (CSGG) represents one of the largest and most active exchange programs between the U.S. Congress and the legislative branch of another country. Since its founding thirty years ago in 1983, much has transpired in the U.S.-German relationship over the years, and The Congressional Study Group on Germany will continue to offer a forum for both nations’ lawmakers to examine global challenges and discuss and debate policies for economic growth, expanded trade, and international security matters with leading representatives from academia, foundations, think-tanks, industry, and the diplomatic community.

This booklet represents the culmination of a successful 30th anniversary programming year. The highlight was our 30th Annual Congress-Bundestag Seminar held this past March in Berlin and Munich, when we brought the largest delegation of Members of Congress in our history. Nine Members of Congress joined us for the week, along with German Ambassador Dr. Peter Ammon. By all accounts, this was the most engaged group and highest-level group we have brought in years. During this anniversary year, we have reflected back on our programming and feel energized and inspired to continue our long-standing commitment to strengthen the U.S.-German partnership.

Once again, we would like to thank the German Marshall Fund of the United States for their commitment to underwriting the Study Group since its inception three decades ago. We are also grateful to the Atlantik-Brücke for partnering with us on the 2013 and 2014 Annual Congress-Bundestag Seminars, to the German political foundations for their programmatic support, and our Business Advisory Council for their institutional funding and guidance. Finally, our thanks above all to the many Members of Congress who have championed and shepherded the Study Group as co-chairs and engaged participants for three decades.

We invite you to view the booklet, which includes special messages for this occasion from President Barack Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel, by clicking here or on the cover image above.