Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members ($10,000)

Brian Baird (D-WA, 1999-2011)

Rich Boucher (D -VA, 1983-2011)

Ben Chandler (D-KY, 2003-2013)

Jim Matheson (D-UT, 2001-2015)

Mike McIntyre (D-NC, 1997-2015)

Jim Moran (D-VA, 1991-2015)

Tom Petri (R-WI,  1979-2015)

John Tanner (D-TN, 1989-2011)

We would like to give special thanks FMC Members who made

donations to FMC in 2015:

Orval Hansen (R-IN, 1969-1974)

Tom Railsback (R-IL, 1967-1982)