The U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress is grateful to have the leadership of such distinguished individuals, who donate their time and expertise pro bono.

Executive Committee

Cliff_Stearns_Official Frost
President: Cliff Stearns Vice President:Martin Frost



 tom-petri-google-photo  Barbara B. Kennelly (D-CT, 82-99)
 Secretary: Tim Petri Treasurer:  Karen Thurman  Immediate Past President: Barbara Kennelly


Class of 2014 (up for reelection in 2017)


Dave Camp (MI) (H 1991-2015)

Jim Coyne (PA) (H 1981-1983)

Jo Anne Emerson (MO) (H 1995 -2015)

Ken Kramer (CO) (H 1979 -1987)

Ray LaHood (IL) (H 1995 -2009)


Barbara Kennelly (CT) (H 1981 – 1999) Past President

Jim Matheson (UT) (H 2001 – 2015)

Jim Moran (VA) (H 1991 -2015)

Jim Slattery (KS) (H 1983 -1995) Past President

Karen Thurman ( 1993-2003) Treasurer


Class of 2015 (up for reelection in 2018)        


Mary Bono (CA) (H 1997-2013)

Jim Kolbe (AZ) (H 1985-2007)

Cliff Stearns (FL) (H 1989-2013) President

Jim Walsh (NY) (H 1989-2009)



Vic Fazio (CA) (H 1979-1999)

Martin Frost (TX) (H 1979-2005) Vice President

Bart Gordon (TN) (H 1985-2011)

David Skaggs (CO) (H 1987-1999)

Albert Wynn (MD) (H 1993-2009)

Class of 2016 (up for reelection in 2019)


Ann Marie Buerkle (NY) (H 2011-2013)

Mike Ferguson (NJ) (H 2001-2009)

Phil Gingrey (GA) (H 2003-2015)

Tim Petri (WI) (H 1979-2015) Secretary

Ron Sarasin (CT) (H 1973-1979)



Bob Clement (TN) (H 1987-2003)

Dennis Hertel (MI) (H 1981-1993) Past President

Dan Maffei (NY) (H 2009-2011; 2013-2015)

L.F. Payne (VA) (H 1987-1997)

Nick Rahall (WV) (H 1977-2015)



Counselors (no term limit, non-voting)


Jack Buechner (MO) (H 1987-1991) Past President

Jim Courter (NJ) (H 1979-1991)

Connie Morella (MD) (H 1987-2003) Past President

Dick Schulze (PA) (H 1975-1993)

Olympia Snowe (MA) (H 1979-1995; S 1995-2013)



Bob Carr (MI) (H 1975-1981; 1983-1995)

Dan Glickman (KS) (H 1977-1995)

Lee Hamilton (IN) (H 1965-1999)

Jim Jones (OK) (H 1973-1987)

H. Martin Lancaster (NC) (H 1987-1995)


Honorary Chairman:  Norm Mineta


Members in Italics comprise the Executive Committee and are officers of the Association

H=US House of Representatives

S= US Senate